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Holding Tummy


Birth & Balance

What is a doula?
A Doula (doo-lah) provides individualised care for families during their pregnancy, birth and post natal journey. This includes emotional, physical, educational and practical support.

How can a doula support my family?
Elise facilitates a safe space where families can navigate their way through their birth preferences, fears and much more so they can feel relaxed, strong and prepared before and during the time their new arrival/s enter the world. 

For more information on what is included in a doula support package
please visit our Doula support package information page

Please call Elise on 0401 535 333  to arrange a time to meet for a no obligation free initial meeting to discuss your family's individual needs and work with you to design a package that caters to the support you and your family are looking for. 

Doula Support: Service
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