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Bowen & Balance

Bowen Therapy supports the relief of the following conditions and more:

*Back pain *Sciatica *Depression *Anxiety *Panic attacks *Jaw problems *Growing pains in children *Fibromyalgia *Digestive and bowel problems *Earaches *Migraines/Headaches *Groin pain *Grief *Chronic fatigue syndrome *Carpal tunnel *Leg problems; knee,  ankle,  foot *Menstrual and hormonal irregularities  *Pelvic tilt *Hay fever *Hip and pelvic issues *Repetitive strain injuries *Tennis elbow *Night terrors *Neck and shoulder problems *Respiratory issues *Sports injuries *Frozen shoulder *Stress and tension *Fertility issues *Bed wetting *Emotional distress *Post Traumatic Stress Disorder *Arthritis pain *Sinusitis *Low energy levels *Insomnia/Sleep issues *Over active mind *Gall bladder pain *Adrenal Fatigue *Pregnancy symptoms *Placenta previa *PTSD

What is Bowen Therapy?
Bowen Therapy (also known as Bowtech – the original Bowen Technique) is a dynamic system of muscle and fascia (connective tissue) therapy that was developed by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia.  

Bowen Therapy switches off the fight/flight (stress) response so your body can relax and create physical and emotional balancing. 

Bowen Therapy utilizes a very gentle rolling motion over specific muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body, known as ‘Bowen moves’, stimulating your body to send blood and hydration through the connective tissue to areas of the body that have created discomfort.

Who is Bowen Therapy For?
From the day babies are born to the elderly, Bowen Therapy is a light touch gentle therapy that is Beneficial for Every Body!


*Initial Bowen Therapy session 2 hours $110
*Follow up Bowen Therapy session 1 hour 15 minutes $90
Pension/Concession Discount
*Initial Bowen Therapy session 2 hours $100
*Follow up Bowen Therapy session 1 hour 15 minutes $80
Bowen Therapy for children

*Baby Bowen - 0-24 months Bowen Therapy session 20 minutes $30
*3-5 years Bowen Therapy session 30 minutes $50

*6-11 years Bowen Therapy session 45 minutes $60
*12-17 years Bowen Therapy session 55 minutes $70

Contact Elise today on 0401 535 333 to find out how Bowen Therapy can support your individual needs.

Bowen Therapy: Service
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