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Hudson the happy Bowen baby 😊 Very gentle moves made over the little muscles to relax and loosen th


Bub & Balance

Bowen Therapy for babies
Being born is hard work, no matter what the circumstances are. Often babies will be quite tight in their shoulders, hips, diaphragm and neck which contributes to lack of sleep and unsettled bub and family. Bowen Therapy is a very light touch gentle therapy that helps balance and realign your baby's body after birth to release tension in their body and release any negative physical experiences of birth. 

Baby Bowen has had wonderful results in treating reflux, sleeping concerns, gas, respiratory issues, feeding issues, problems bonding with parents, constipation/diarrhea and much more.

Baby Bowen treatments are three appointments 2-4 days apart and include suggestions to support to ease your baby's discomfort 
through information around sleep, feeding, stress relief, and Bowen Therapy movements to use at home.

Bowen Therapy for your little one involves very gentle Bowen Therapy movements made on your baby's upper back and on the front of their body. This does not hurt baby in any way and most times baby settles and falls asleep during the few minutes it takes to complete 
​the treatment.  

These sessions can be at the clinic or in the comfort of your own home and are caring, respectful and help you have a more relaxed as you get to know your new family member.


*0-24 months Bowen Therapy session 20 minutes $30

Pay 3 sessions in advance and receive over 10% discount 
*3x 20 minute sessions $80 

Contact Elise on 0401 535 333 to find out how Bowen Therapy can help your baby.


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