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Who I Am and What I Do


Elise Tomkins is a qualified Bowen Therapist and Wholistic Doula 
Elise is a positive and bubbly young woman who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and has a passion for supporting people to feel empowered in their life’s journey.

Elise - Bowen Therapist 
Elise first experienced the powerful healing of Bowen Therapy in 2008 and was amazed that with some very gentle movements over the body she gained relief from panic attacks, anxiety, depression and lower back and neck problems. 

In 2011 Elise was very grateful to train as a Bowen Therapist under the wise and watchful eye of Anne Schubert. 

Elise added to her Bowen Therapy training by completing her certificate in Mind-Body-Bowen.
Mind-Body-Bowen is a workshop that teaches practitioners how the body stores emotional and physical memory in the cells and muscles of the body and by supporting a person to unlock the story and release it, the pain associated with the story also released, resulting in people who become pain free with more mobility, energy and enthusiasm for life.

Elise’s background is in community mental health support so she understands the importance of looking at all areas of a person’s life to bring awareness, holistically, of what is happening, physically and emotionally and how stress impacts all areas of your life.
As a Bowen Therapist Elise supports the opportunity for you to make changes in your life that will promote a greater quality of health and well being.

Elise looks forward to walking with you towards your health and healing goals.

Contact Elise on 0401 535 333 to find out how Bowen Therapy can support your individual needs.

Elise - Sacred Birthing Community Doula
During June/July 2013 Elise completed the 6 week face to face portion of the Sacred Birthing Community Doula course on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. This training was completed at the Sacred Birthing School facilitated by owner and founder, Barbara Essman, Doula and child birth educator. 

Elise believes her role as a Doula is to walk along side a family’s journey in a very nurturing, supportive and understanding way, with the awareness that a woman’s body has the divine wisdom to birth and that her role is to witness the magic, and most importantly create a warm, loving safe, space for the family to welcome their new member/s. 

In a practical sense Elise see's that her position in a family’s birth space is to assist the family based on their individual needs and be encouraging and reassuring of the decision's they choose for their special time without being intrusive in any way.

During prenatal visits Elise facilitates a safe space where families can navigate their way through all of their birth preferences, fears, the view of their ideal birth and much much more so they can feel peaceful, strong, prepared and relaxed before their new arrival/s enter the world. 

During the birth Elise is able to bring a sense of a calm to the environment and help the family in the ways in which they have specified is right for them.

Postnatal visits are a time to check in with the family and talk through the experience of the birth, reflecting on how everyone felt about the labour and birth process. 

Contact Elise on 0401 535 333 to find out how Doula Support can support your family's individual needs.

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